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Back on the Market 

A Lifestyle Makeover Series


Recently single after the end of a long term relationship, and WOW has the dating world changed! Our makeover candidates are "back on the market" hitting the dating scene, and need major help becoming "marketable" again to prospective "buyers" (AKA: soulmates). With the help of 4 sexy pros in Fashion, Design, Culinary Arts and Makeup, our "fixer uppers" learn to navigate the online dating game, reinvent themselves and (hopefully) find true love, once and for all.



Queer Eye meets Sex and the City

Four sexy, A-List ladies: Celebrity Interior Designer, Lori Dennis; Celebrity Groomer /Make-Up Artist, Elle Leary; Executive Top Chef, Dakota Weiss; and Fashion Designer /Stylist to the Stars, Raxann Chin view a video submittal of a cohort of a heartbroken friend. The fabulous four meet the "fixer upper" and get to work on his/her "renovation". During the 30-minute episode, the Back on the Market Agents will teach our client how to:

  • Room Remodel

  • Wardrobe Enhancement

  • Personal Grooming

  • Prepare a Themed Meal or Dessert


The episode concludes with a successful transformation, coiffed and dressed to the nines, serving their proud cohort(s) food and drinks in the made over room. The Back on the Market Agents congratulate each other on a job well done, kick off their heels and sip some bubbly.


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