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Luca the Koukla and the Poopie Diaries

is a heartwarming and hilarious life-changing moments of early childhood development recounted by a wildly imaginative and pre-cocious, Dorothy Parker-like, pre-schooler in witty and colorful musings scribbled in her diary. 



Luca the Koukla and the Poopie Diaries is a journey through the vivid imagination of a curious and utterly adorable 4-year old girl (going on 12). Gifted beyond her years, Luca reflects on the events of the week, recording in blog-like fashion the point-of-view of a young child negotiating many milestone firsts. From potty training to basic good manners, each entry depicts precociously insightful realizations of landmark lessons learned.


As she does every late afternoon, while half sprawled on her bed, Luca “memorializes” her seminal moments in a “SUPER SECRET” diary she keeps under her bed in a colorful shoebox. This daily routine is typically done while conversing with her stuffed sidekick Funny Bones…but make no mistake… this is not the idle babbling between a tot and her oversized plushy penguin. This young “Dorothy Parker” meets “Punky Brewster” character records her musings with an almost journalistic wit and precocious point-of-view unlike any four year-old you EVER met.


Although the “written” entries look more like crayon scribbles, the Luca narrated reflections, on everything from losing the binky to grasping the concept of sharing, are both hilarious and heart-warming. The recounting of these experiences and realizations actually provide us with both insight into the mind of a child and a unique "How To" for toddlers and parents alike learning how to cope with BIG moments of early child development.

Luca the Koukla - Milkshake
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