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Main Characters

BEST. STUFFED. PENGUIN. EVER! Luca loves penguins, and has a vast collection of over 25 penguins, but Funny Bones has a special place in her heart, as her confidant and guinea pig for all her newly learned life lessons.

The Family dog. A white, fluffy, American Eskimo Spitz, a former circus dog who wears glasses when reading or surfing the web.


Funny without realizing it, he is Luca’s other best friend. Intelligent, awkward and slightly nerdy, Luca gets along better with him than with Garrett. He is the definition of an old soul - probably a reincarnated 80 year-old man.


One of Luca’s “bestest” friends and the object of her affection, she secretly wants to marry him. Garrett is ultra cool, with his super graphic t-shirts and temporary tattoos, and “the dreamiest blue eyes!”


Very reserved. Very smart. Very wise. This quiet, special forces type melts like ice cream every time he sees Luca. Although busy making a living, when he comes home, life makes sense again and nothing else matters. Luca has him so tightly wrapped around her little pinky, that she actually gets him to play dress up with her ALL the time!

Gregarious and friendly with a loud and boisterous laugh...this work-from-home mom, and consulting architect is the most POSITIVE woman on the planet encouraging Luca to master life’s milestones. Not only is she loving, she always sees the best in everything and everyone.


Bright. Adorably expressive. Curious. Although very sweet, this witty 4-year-old "Dorothy Parker" meets “Punky Brewster” has an infinite imagination and the capacity to grow from the lessons she learns.


Recurring Characters


Nana and Poppy 

Luca's grandparents - a former opera singer and an ophthalmologist by vocation and chef by avocation - both teach Luca to appreciate the finer things in life.


Cousin Connor (10): wheel chair bound, but you would NEVER know it. Energetic, funny and ALWAYS happy, nothing gets this kid down. He inspires Luca and teaches her the true meaning of "handy-capable."


Cousin PJ (6): Connor's younger brother. Painfully shy and introverted... except around Luca who seems to magically open him up with her spirited view of the world.


Cousin Margot (1): The youngest and the object of Luca's curiosity. Luca likes to play mommy to Margot as if she were a living doll.


Aunt Liz and Uncle Bil:  Parents of Luca's cousins. Luca loves them so much.


Ms. Luisa: Luca's pre-school teacher who encourages Luca's vivid imagination and teaches her how to paint.


Mathis, Hazel, Kylie, Ava, Grant and Henry: Pre-School Classmates along with Luca, Aden and Garrett



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