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Science meets rock ’n roll in this 3D animated/ live-action STEAM series for ages 4-7 (11x26), starring ultra-cool, real-life NASA/JPL aerospace engineer, Bobak Ferdowsi, and the beautiful, edgy, and brilliant real-life neuroscientist/ journalist, Cara Santa Maria; featuring

the Grammy-nominated rock band for kids, MILKSHAKE.              E




A 3D animated narrative science show with live-action through lines. Each episode focuses on a specific science (space, earth, life, physics, chemistry) hosted by real-life rock star scientists, “Mohawk Guy” Bobak Ferdowsi, and Cara Santa Maria.        a

Episodes start with Bobak and Cara at the helm of “The Erudite”, a futuristic roving laboratory that travels through air, land, outer space, underwater, and can even travel through objects (i.e. the body, technology). The vessel also has a time travel feature allowing the crew to visit major scientific events in history. The crew aboard the Erudite includes a group of junior scientists (ages 10-12), who also happen to be a rock band during their downtime; featuring the music of real-life Grammy-nominated rock band, MILKSHAKE. Age-appropriate rock and pop music is intertwined with cool imagery expanding the imagination of young viewers, further engraining the topics learned in each episode. The show’s POV is through the kids, the junior scientists. Of course, there is conflict, a nemesis named Narcissa, a spoiled-brat tween, and her snarky sidekick cat, Formaldehyde, are both determined to foil the crew’s efforts to solving science mysteries…but (most of the time), the crew prevails. a

Each episode ends with a recap of lessons learned by live-action Bobak and Cara, sometimes through song (yes, they both sing!)      s



GUSHING (ep 1): The crew visits Yellowstone National Park to study geysers (see Pilot episode). For the entire week of week 1, the Erudite App will live stream the real-time geyser eruption of Old Faithful. Ongoing, the Erudite App includes a game where kids can virtually heat a cartoon geyser to reach the point where it erupts, enforcing the scientific lessons learned throughout the episode


MARS TIME (ep 2): As a real-life aerospace engineer working on JPL’s Curiosity Project on Mars, Bobak is often on “Mars Time” (yes, that’s a real thing). The junior scientists go on an adventure to Mars to learn about the difference between Earth and Mars and how time doesn’t precisely align between the two planets. For the entire week of week 2, the Erudite App will live stream in real-time (well, real “Mars Time”) the rover on Mars. Ongoing, the App includes a game where kids can virtually explore Mars and search for signs of water and/or life


REACTION FACTION (ep 3): The crew travels to the laboratory of real-life scientist, Bill Nye to discuss chemical reactions (yes, Bill Nye agreed to be in an episode). For the entire week 3, the Erudite App will air vintage episodes of “Bill Nye the Science Guy” (TBA). Ongoing, the Erudite App will have a game where kids can virtually test various chemical reactions sometimes with 'catastrophic' results)      t)


TECHNO CHANGE-O (ep 4): The crew travels to Silicon Beach and meets with tech companies for an in-depth tour of their products and how they function. The Erudite App will have a game where kids can virtually fabricate their own technological products. Bobak and Cara will select the coolest innovations to be presented in future episodes


O-O-O-ZONE (ep 5): The crew studies the O-Zone Layer and the importance of protecting the Earth. The Erudite App will have a game where kids can virtually adjust the O-Zone Layer and see how it impacts the earth


POP, LOCK & EXPLODE (ep 6): The Dancing Scientist, Jeffrey Vinokur, shows the crew how to make exciting age-appropriate experiments and participate in a super fun dance-off! The Erudite App will have a game where kids can recreate the experiments virtually and dance moves in reality


 Other episodes will include, but not limited to, the following topics:    p


  1. Space Science: Outer Space, Planets, Space Exploration, Sun, Time

  2. Earth Science: Atmosphere, Climate, Seasons, Erosion, Pollution, Gravity

  3. Chemistry: Element Charts, Matter, Atoms, and Molecules, Chemical Reaction

  4. Physics: Sound, Music, Light and Color, Electricity, Energy, Magnetism, Machines

  5. Life Sciences: Humans, Animals, Mammals, Evolution, Reptiles, Dinosaurs, Sea Life, Fossils

  6. Mathematics

  7. Engineering, Architecture, Art & Design

  8. Technology, Computers​

MULTI-PLATFORM In addition to the interactive Erudite App, our goal is to incorporate

episodes for in-classroom instruction (a modern-day “Bill Nye the Science Guy”), science kits featuring tools and experiments tied to various episodes, and augmented reality comic books

based on storylines.     s

Bobak is of Persian descent, Cara is Latina, and Milkshake is made up of a mix of ethnicities from Caucasian to African American to Native American descent. The series features strong characters, including powerful role models, both male and female. Behind-the-scenes, we are a diverse bunch as well. Deb has purple hair (does that count?) and the Writers and the DP/Editor are African American, while the Animators are Indian.    e


Creator/Producer: Deb Longua-Zamero

Writers/Show Runner: Kellie R. Griffin
Writer: Yvette Foy

Director/DP: Deep Williams
Character Artist: Kylie O'Hanna

Animation Studio: SmartIllusion
App Developer: Scot Kramarich, ​Bulls Eye Studios

Musician/Composer: Milkshake

Curriculum Consultant: Jordan Brown

Host (live-action and VO): Bobak Ferdowsi

Host (live-action and VO): Cara Santa Maria

 Additional Voiceover Artists: Glow Girls Kids Voiceover


Curriculum Consultant, Jordan Brown will ensure each episode meet the age-appropriate educational goals


Science Rocks - Instrumental - Milkshake
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