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The Erudite Crew

Bobak Ferdowsi

Real-life NASA/JPL Aerospace Engineer (AKA: ‘Mohawk Guy’) is cool and funny as he leads the crew of a roving laboratory called the Erudite on weekly adventures, using awesome inventions as they navigate through the scientific world.

Cara Santa Maria

Real-life Neuroscientist and Journalist/TV personality is at the helm of the Erudite, running the show with her brains and wit, setting out to discover new things about the world we live in.


Junior Scientists aboard the Erudite / Teenage Rock Band during their down time; featuring the music of real-life Grammy-nominated rock band, MILKSHAKE.


Lead vocals. Spunky, fun-loving, tutu wearing junior scientist who studies all things weather.




Background vocals/ acoustic guitar. Our “hippy-go-lucky” botanist in training.




Background vocals/ electric guitar. Silly, and charismatic, focus is Life Sciences; he is obsessed with penguins.



Background vocals/ keyboard. Nerdy resident chemist, full of facts of the useful (and not so useful) variety.




Background vocals/ drums. Hilarious, self-deprecating marine biologist, loves all things fish.




Background vocals/ bass player. Super cool, slightly shy, rock’n physicist.



Narcissa & Formaldehyde

Spoiled brat tween nemesis, who wants nothing more than to be the BEST. SCIENTIST. EVER. Her main mission is to interfere with and reek havoc upon the crew of the Erudite so she is the FIRST to discover new things. Narcissa, along with her sinister pet cat, FORMALDEHYDE, are recurring characters constantly creating conflict in the scientific world.



The Erudite

Futuristic roving laboratory that allows the Science Rocks crew to travel through the air, on the ground, in outer space and under water. The vessel also has a time travel feature allowing the crew to visit major scientific events in history.


Definition: erudite is “having knowledge or showing knowledge that is gained by studying”



Potential Guest Stars
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy 

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson 

  • Canadian Astronaut, Col. Chris Hadfield

Science Rocks - Instrumental - Milkshake
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