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HMP is a privately held production company located in Los Angeles, California specializing in various areas of digital story telling: REALITY | ALTERNATIVE TELEVISION, CHILDREN'S PROGRAMMING, DIGITAL MEDIA and soon, FEATURE FILMS. We are committed to working with innovative minds, and engaging material to build quality productions for our audience as well as value for our investors and partners. Our cornerstone of diverse knowledge is what makes HMP a new and important voice in entertainment that reaches beyond the boundaries of tradition. Our products and services distinguish themselves on the basis of quality, originality, and character driven content.



Deb got her start in the entertainment business when she took on the role of Art Director on the critically acclaimed Ubuntu’s Wounds, which eventually lead to a successful career as Art Director and Production Designer on many Film and TV projects ranging from independent films featured on HBO to comedic features distributed by Warner Brothers.






Based on her strong desire to help others and her passion for volunteerism, Deb created the concept for a warm-hearted character-driven docu-series which spawned the formation of Hot Mamas Productions, where Deb is a founding partner. Deb’s expertise lies in creating fun and quirky children’s shows often with a concealed educational component for young audi-ences as well as unconditional human-interest stories for "children" of all ages. Deb has over 20 projects currently in development from scripted television to alternative programming, including the following original children’s projects: Luca the Koukla and the Poopie Diaries, Science Rocks!, Sea Otter in the Bathtub, P-F-F (Penguin Friends Forever), Bull in the China Shop, Rock Star Rescuers and Lisa Rocks! based on the Grammy-nominated rock band, Milkshake. 


Deb's creativity is not limited to two dimensions, hailing from a career as a seasoned interior designer in the Architecture Industry where she was responsible for many of the senior executive spaces for the top names in Hollywood from HBO to Disney. In 2000, Deb successfully transitioned from Architecture to Film and TV, where her emphasis is now producing.Along with a group of Stage Moms, Casting Directors and Agents, Deb is a founding member, and former CFO and Secretary for a non-profit organization called SOARING with LOVE Family Foundation Inc., comprised of loving families with children in the entertainment industry helping families in need.


Deb resides in Los Angeles with her husband Nathan, and young daughter Luca, who has inspired Deb to funnel much of her creative energy in to developing quality, imaginative programming, designing great spaces while helping others!

deb . longua . zamero  |  head of children's t.v.

Shawn and Deb met in 2011 on the set of a commercial shoot their children were starring in. It wasn't long before Shawn created the reality series “Stage Moms” which follows the lives of a group of “Momagers” as they manage their way (and their beautiful children) through the craziness of Hollywood. Shortly thereafter, the two mamas joined forces when they came to the realization they have a lot in common, including the same drive, determination, passion and fearless ambitiion. 


Shawn was among the chosen few as one of “Oprah’s Ultimate Viewer” and took a trip of a lifetime to Australia with Ms. Winfrey. Since then, Shawn has created “Life After Oprah”, a docu-series following the lives of the Ultimate Viewers and how they continue to “pay it forward”, helping others while doing their part to create a better, kinder world. 


Shawn recently acquired "The Valley Dolls" franchise created by Frankie Joseph, the "Gubby" from "The Real Housewives of Orange County".


Although Shawn currently resides in Dana Point as an amazing role model for her gorgeous children Mari, Grant, Jordan, she will be relocating to Austin to head up HMP's Texas production offices. 


Shawn is a serial entrepreneur, diving into successful ventures in various markets, from creating concepts for unscripted television, to inventing useful (and ingenious) products (Photo Props and Holiday Props), to active CEO of Bailey Care Homes with (8) facilities through-out Southern California caring for the developmentally disabled.






shawn bailey  |  head of reality + alternative 

“I like to stretch my mind by reading and writing and watching educational TV shows like The Bachelor to learn complex mating rituals of heterosexuals.”

– Ellen DeGeneres

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