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Reality Programming in Development


Starring: Lori Dennis (Creator), Elle Leary, Dakota Weiss, Raxann Chin

Genre:  Reality Television Series | Lifestyle Makeover Show


Recently single after being married for (what seems like) forever, and WOW has the dating world changed! Our makeover candidates are "back on the market" hitting the dating scene, and need major help becoming "marketable" again to prospective "buyers" (AKA: soulmates). With the help of 4 sexy pros in Fashion, Design, Culinary Arts and Makeup, our "fixer uppers" learn to navigate the online dating game, reinvent themselves and (hopefully) find true love, once and for all.


Queer Eye meets Sex and the City meets Ambush Makeover. Four sexy, A-List ladies: Celebrity Interior Designer, Lori Dennis; Celebrity Groomer /Make-Up Artist, Elle Leary; Executive Top Chef, Dakota Weiss; and Fashion Designer /Stylist to the Stars, Raxann Chin view a video submittal of a cohort of a heartbroken friend. The fabulous four meet the "fixer upper" and get to work on his/her "renovation". During the 30-minute episode, the Back on the Market Agents will teach our client how to:

  • Room Remodel

  • Wardrobe Enhancement

  • Personal Grooming

  • Prepare a Themed Meal or Dessert


The episode concludes with a successful transformation, coiffed and dressed to the nines, serving their proud cohort(s) food and drinks in the made over room. The Back on the Market Agents congratulate each other on a job well done, kick off their heels and sip some bubbly.



Starring: Jackie Elam

Genre:  Talk Show


Jackie Elam is a Broadcaster, Published Author, Entertainment  Coach, Spokesperson, Actress, Model, Disc Jokey and Hollywood Set Mom™. With over two decades performing in and being behind-the-scenes of the entertainment industry, Jackie Elam found her calling. 


Jackie is the mother of two beautiful boys who have been in movies, commercials, print campaigns and television since infancy. From her marriage to Hollywood stuntman and stunt coordinator, who hails from a movie industry dynasty, Jackie has been in the center of the business for years.


Jackie’s mission is to EMPOWER and EDUCATE the general public about the entertainment industry, while advocating for children in show business. Cover Your Child in the Entertainment Industry authored by Jackie Elam assists parents in navigating their child through show business. Jackie shares her vast experiences and knowledge of the “Do’s and Don’ts” of the industry in this sought-after book. The book, which allows for an open dialogue and constant discussion about show business for child actors will open the reader’s eyes as to how to navigate through the film, modeling and TV worlds. Jackie also debunks skeptics who claim parents are “horrible” for exposing children to this line of work by stating, “When your priorities are set on being a parent first and always, you will always put your child’s best interest in the forefront and you will be a significant part of your child’s success”. Click book cover on left to order a copy of Jackie Elam's book.


Once published, the opportunity presented itself and an amazing platform was born. Jackie Elam Live “Entertainment Unlimited” is a radio live streaming broadcast that reveals the world of child actors and various forms of entertainment for all ages. Throughout her broadcast, Jackie and her guests will enlighten viewers with helpful stories, tips and advice that will allow millions of listeners to learn from their experiences in show business. 


Jackie Elam Live “Entertainment Unlimited” airs Saturdays @ 12 noon PT/ 3pm ET. Catch the premiere episode Saturday, September 10, 2016.


Jackie Elam Live

Hawlie Ohe | Scott Harris


Starring:  Scott Harris and Hawlie Ohe

Genre:  Reality Television Series | Home Makeover Show


Homeowners in need of help fixing and organizing their home (and lives) invite the PUNCHLIST TEAM into their home. Architect/Contractor Scott Harris, with his discerning eye and brutally honest nature, verbally rips the home (and homeowners) apart; and rates their home in it’s present condition (likely resulting in a 1‐3 out of 10) with a large bar graphic.


In each episode, Scott storms off, leaving Interior Designer Hawlie to console the heartbroken and overwhelmed homeowners to come up with design solutions and a plan of action to correct the “Punchlist” left by Scott. Scott’s crew helps the homeowners fix the deficiencies, with Hawlie and Scott checking in from time to time, all-the-while disagreeing on the process unfolding before them. Scott, of course, directing his crew to refabricate anything that doesn’t meet his sometimes unrealistic high standards. When the homeowner’s renovation time is up, Scott storms in and “punches” a giant red button giving the team 30 minutes to complete their Punchlist. Hawlie helps with finishing touches, transforming the spaces into a beautifully organized home. Scott rates the home, again with the bar graphic...will it still be a 3? Or will it be a 6 or 7? Or will the homeowners achieve the forever illusive 10?


Stay tuned to find out! From beginning to end, tears are flowing on this emotional renovation rollercoaster.



Starring:  Liz Roshal, Shannon Hooshmand, Amanda Heydari, Karaline Turbes, Chanel Salinas

Featuring: Frankie Joseph as The Fairy Godfather

Genre:  Reality Television Series


Created and produced by the original "Gubby" Frankie Joseph, in conjunction with Hot Mamas Productions, The Valley Dolls, a "Pre-Housewives" franchise, kicks off with The [Silicon] Valley Dolls comprised of 5 beautiful, college-age BFFs, who are perfectly bitchy and full of drama, but also extremely ambitious, intelligent and completely disconnected from reality. Each week, these girls cause chaos for those around them, leaving behind a trail of broken hearts and haters.


LIFE AFTER OPRAH : The Ultimate Inspiration

Starring:  Shawn Bailey, Keisha C. Kuma, Liz Kadzu Kazungu, Lauri Fitzpatrick, Tricia Thompson and many more

Genre:  Reality Television Series


To celebrate it’s final season, The Oprah Winfrey Show traveled down under to Australia and took 300 lucky viewers on the adventure of a lifetime. The eight-day trip called, “Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure” took place in December 2010. They sampled sights, sounds, tastes, and all the unforgettable experiences that Australia has to offer. For these ladies it was the trip of a lifetime. Their one requirement? To pay it forward.


Coming from various backgrounds, cultures, and locations in the US these ladies have taken this task head on starting charities, fundraisers, building homes for those in need, volunteering at shelters, starting eco friendly businesses, and bettering their own lives while helping those around them. Oprah inspired them, empowered them, and told them to dream big. Now these ladies are making their dreams a reality. Watch each week as two different super fans take inspiration from their Australian adventure and start their own philanthropic journey as LIFE AFTER OPRAH. Of course this Oprah inspired series wouldn’t be complete without Oprah herself so each of these lucky fans will be surprised by Oprah along their journey for additional guidance and support. Combined these women will change lives and make a difference that will last a lifetime.


Additional Reality Projects in Development


Genre: Reality Television Series

Moms with an entrepreneurial spirit strong enough to shatter the glass ceiling. Inventors highlighting that necessity is the “Mother” of invention. They are not only going for it all, they are juggling it all…family, career and personal life. Take a look inside the journey of women who aspire to be entrepreneurs, women who aspire to be Mompreneurs. 


Genre: Reality Television Series

A reality/competition program where a panels of judges and an entertainment world icon (or family of deceased icons) find a “replacement” to carry on their legacy and/or talent; essentially “passing the torch” to the next generation. As the audience follows the competition, they fall in love (again) with the original icon, and get excited rooting for the “replacement icon”. This will result in spin-offs and opportunities for the “replacement icons” for years to come.




Genre: Reality Television Series

Let the playground wars begin…..who has it better the SAHM who spends all waking hours with her children or the WM who goes to a job M-F? Nearly three- quarters of all mothers are in the labor force but what is right for your family? The SAHM believes she is sacrificing for her children and the WM believes that she is making the best decision for the entire family. What happens when their worlds collide?




Genre: Reality Television Series

Reality docu-series that shows the world the life of young, sweet, naive animal handler, Sarah. Can someone with a good heart make it in this “dog-eat-dog” town? Auditions. Callbacks. Castings. Back Stabbing. Law Suits. Follow Sarah and her prized possessions (dogs, cats, reptiles, rodents, insects, live stock and exotics) as they hit the talk show circuit, attend major Hollywood award ceremonies, including The Oscars, The Animal Emmies, etc. Live vicariously through Sarah’s exciting life filled with Tinsel Town’s infamous ups and downs. From star of the show to getting fired, animal actors suffer the same challenges as their human counterparts. Root for the ultimate “under dog” as sweet Sarah navigates the trials and tribulations of a competitive business filled with greedy and conniving handlers vying to be the “top dog” in the industry.




Genre: Reality Television Series

The Ultimate Hero consists of three teams of international first responders fighting to prove their heroism, by being pitted against one another. The hero teams are assembled based on the preliminary competitions held in 30 countries. The best of the best are teamed up together, creating the world’s best first responder teams. There are four heroes per team: four firemen, four police officers, four special forces. The competition takes place in an exotic remote location where various towns/villages are created for simulated real-life drills, where the risk is REAL.


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