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Kids Prgramming in Development

SCIENCE ROCKS: Bobak + Cara's Erudite Adventures

Starring:  Bobak Ferdowsi, Cara Santa Maria

Featuring: Milkshake

Genre:  Children's Television Series


Science meets rock ’n roll in this educational music-filled live action/ animated childrens show starring the ultra cool, mohawk-wearing NASA/JPL aerospace engineer, Bobak Ferdowsi and the beautiful and brilliant neuroscientist / journalist, Cara Santa Maria; featuring the Grammy-nominated rock back for kids, Milkshake, as teen junior scientists aboard The Erudite.


PREMISE:  An animated narrative science show bookended with live action through lines. Each episode focuses on a specific science and the mysteries of the world hosted by “rock star scientists”, Bobak Ferdowsi and Cara Santa Maria. Rock music for children is intertwined with cool imagery expanding the imagination of young viewers, further engraining the topics learned in each episode. Target audience: 4-7 year olds.




Starring:  Luca Bella

Genre:  Children's Television Series


Luca the Koukla and the Poopie Diaries is a heartwarming and hilarious life-changing moments of early childhood development recounted by a wildly imaginative and precocious, Dorothy Parker-like, pre-schooler, Luca, in witty and colorful musings scribbled in her diary.


The series is a journey through the vivid imagination of a curious and utterly adorable four-year old girl (going on 12). Gifted beyond her years, Luca reflects on the events of the week, recording in blog-like fashion the point-of-view of a young child negotiating many milestone firsts. From potty training to basic good manners, each entry depicts precociously insightful realizations of landmark lessons learned.


As she does every late afternoon, while half sprawled on her bed, Luca “memorializes” her seminal moments in a “SUPER SECRET” diary she keeps under her bed in a colorful shoebox. This daily routine is typically done while conversing with her stuffed sidekick Funny Bones…but make no mistake… this is not the idle babbling between a tot and her oversized plushy penguin. This young “Dorothy Parker” meets “Punky Brewster” character records her musings with an almost journalistic wit and precocious point-of-view unlike any four year-old you EVER met.


Although the “written” entries look more like crayon scribbles, the Luca narrated reflections, on everything from losing the binky to grasping the concept of sharing, are both hilarious and heart-warming. The recounting of these experiences and realizations actually provide us with both insight into the mind of a child and a unique "How To" for toddlers and parents alike learning how to cope with BIG moments of early child development.




Starring:  Kaleo and Makhari Elam

Genre:  Talk Show


A Talk Show for “Kidz in the Biz by Kidz in the Biz”. 


ELAM BROTHERS LIVE! is an internet live streaming national broadcast talk show licensed by ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN and Sound Exchange.


The Elam Brothers (Kaleo, 8 and Makhari, 10) known for their commercials, television and film roles, including Kaleo’s infamous meme, “Oh! That’s cold!” from ‘Grown Ups 2’, follow their mama's Entertainment-Industry talk show, JACKIE ELAM LIVE! Entertainment Unlimited on Saturday afternoons. 


ELAM BROTHERS LIVE! premiered on November 5, 2016, with their first guest, the popular actress and child model, Sade Kimora Young. Other kids from NBC's #1 hit to Disney newest stars come on board to talk to kids about show biz.

P.F.F. [Penguin Friends Forever]

Starring:  Yellow-Eyed Jack and Chin-Strap Zoe

Genre:  Children's Television Series


Jack, a funny and savvy Yellow-Eyed Penguin and Zoe, an adorable and resourceful Chin Strap Penguin, meet as chicks in the Toronto Zoo. Immediately forming a bond of a lifetime, these P.F.F.s (Penguin Friends Forever) are separated when their Canadian "home" undergoes a massive renovation and are transferred back to sanctuaries in their native lands and habitats.


Bound by their deep connection to one another the two little penguins vow to keep their friendship alive no matter how far apart.  The last night at the zoo, while Jack and his family are being "crated up" for New Zealand and Zoe for Antarctica, the two make a pact: no ocean will be too deep, no mountain too distance too far...they will figure out how to stay close and connected.





Weeks later,  settled into their new homes and their internet up and running,  both chicks log into their "WADDLE" accounts. Weeks go by with neither being able to find each other. When all seems lost, Jack gets "pecked" by Zoe. Brimming with anticipation the two feverishly type, exchanging messages and photos.  With the P.F.F.s reconnected at last…if only online, they excitedly catch up and make plans for



the near future. Zoe, the planner of the bunch, has had it all figured out since leaving Canada: they will meet every week online and pick a new destination to travel to together. And traveling in style it is…from Naples, Italy where they learn from their tour guide Mufloni (an Italian wild goat) that pizza was invented there -to Paris where they meet up a new friend, Aletta, a beautiful French Poodle who teaches them about the World’s Fair and the Eiffel Tower -to Piazza San Marco in Venice, where our two feathered friends explore the canals in gondolas, and getting themselves in all sorts of comical mischief as only

young penguins can (passing yourself off as a pigeon for a photo ops with tourists in the square doesn’t always “fly”).While their homes are thousands of miles apart, these two curious and avid readers of  history, geography and online travel blogs, eagerly explore the world as an inseparable pair, anticipating their next adventurous and fantastical rendezvous...learning about the world and themselves while teaching young viewers a little something along the way. From the  Clogging Festival during the Tulip Harvest in Holland -to the Coral Spawning of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Jack and Zoe travel the globe, one zany adventure at a time...P.F.F: PENGUIN FRIENDS FOREVER!


Starring:  Grammy-nominated MILKSHAKE: Lisa, Mikel, Cord, Shepp, Brian, Tom and their mascot: Moo

Genre:  Children's Television Series



Milkshake is the resident band at “Moo’s”– a local shake shop where children hang out after school. The show opens with kids arriving to Moo’s and the band performing a song (live action). A kids brings up a problem or a question. Milkshake tells them about “Imagination Nation” – a special place they can go if they believe. The band and kids are transformed into animated versions of themselves and land in a new destination every episode - they might end up in outerspace, underwater or inner earth! Transitions between scenes swirl inside a blender making a milkshake with a snap zoom superimposition of Moo the cow with the whir of a blender (think 60s Batman TV show with spinning bat insignia). The educational component of the show takes place during the animation. Whether the episode explores science, geography, history or social and personal issues, this will occur in the animated sequence. After exploring the new world and learning a few things about the issues brought up in the opening, the band and the kids are transported through space and time back to Moo’s shake shop live action again. Milkshake sings a song about that episode’s lesson/theme on the shop’s stage and the lesson learned is repeated to camera and kids at home.



Additional Kids Projects in Development


Genre: Children's Television Series

Johnny always wanted a pet sea otter, and where else does a precocious 5-year old boy keep a pet sea otter? The bath tub, of course! Follow Johnny and his pet sea otter, Lulu, as they go on silly adventures together. Good, clean fun! 




Genre: Children's Television Series

This story about a group of wild animal friends who live in a beautiful ecologically-sustained woodland forest, as they help one another through sticky situations. Can the friends save Sammy the Frog when he was accidentally swallowed by Dominic the Duck? Can Edie the Elephant clean up the huge mess made by Frank the he happened upon a china shop, smashing everything to pieces? Follow along as the friends come together solving problems and forming bonds that last a lifetime!



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